Max Axe

Max Axe 1.6.4

Take it to the axe!

Fight monsters, rescue damsels, and have a laugh in this comical endless runner for Android.

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  • Addictive gameplay
  • Can play for long periods without interruption
  • Sharp graphics
  • Great sense of humor


  • Scenery can be a bit repetitive
  • Needs more musical variety


Fight monsters, rescue damsels, and have a laugh in this comical endless runner for Android.

This is the story of Max

Max is a red-bearded warrior with an axe to grind. Unlike other endless runners, Max doesn't run from his enemies, instead he charges headfirst into "Loot Forest" throwing axes at monsters along the way. The point of Max Axe is to throw his weapon at monsters, complete missions, and get experience points for collecting gems and coins. The missions themselves are fairly standard fare (e.g. kill x number of monsters, collect x number of items) but they never feel too boring.

As Max levels up, he gets more access to upgrades for his items. These upgrades in Max Axe are significant as they affect critical aspects of Max such as weapon damage, health, and weapon distance. The design of the gear itself is also pretty funny: pasta strainers work as helmets, latex airport security gloves double as gauntlets, and hipster calculator watches are wristbands.

An important part of the game is stringing combos of gold, gems, or monsters for bonuses. For example, collecting at least 8 gold coins in one axe throw leads to a shower of coins on screen. However things get a bit a bit chaotic when all these bonuses are coming into effect because it gets a bit cluttered with falling gems, coins, and words like "RADICAL" filling up the top part of the screen.

A refreshing part of Max Axe is that you don't need to make inapp purchases or deal with waiting times between rounds. Plenty of time can be spent playing the game, leveling up, and completing missions without any sort of holdups.

Hacking made easy

Place your finger on Max and swipe in the direction you want to throw the axe. The game gives plenty of freedom in regards to how the axe can fly; it can circle around Max, fly forwards, and or mimic the motion of a boomerang. A white dotted line appears on screen as you trace the path of the axe which makes it helpful to judge angles as well as distance.

As more enemies flood the screen, you have to alternate between long throws that take out projectile-spitting enemies and short tosses to take out large, swarming crowds. One of the more difficult parts of Max Axe is remembering to begin your swipes on the warrior. If you continually miss tapping Max, you'll be promoted by annoying notifications reminding you of the game controls.

Get lost in the forest

The game has colorful graphics that look especially crisp on high-quality (lookin' at you retina) screens. The animations are also incredibly fluid and the game (surprisingly) doesn't slow down when there's lots of action on screen. There isn't much variety in terms of music in the game: it's a hybrid of 8-bit chirping and deep synth tones. There's a variety of silly sound effects in Max Axe including the gross squelch of a slime being slain and booming voice that shouts "RIDONKULOUS" after combos.

This game kicks axe

Max Axe is a fantastic endless runner with a clever sense of humor that's well worth a download.

Max Axe


Max Axe 1.6.4

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